Meriko Services provides complete facilities management services incorporating all verticals under one roof. Our services include a gamut of various divisions such as Technical services including maintenance, security, production support services, HR services, payroll services, virtual corporate events, logistic support, warehousing distribution services etc. Due to the varied range of services and extensive market knowledge, Meriko Services can meet the client’s increasingly complex requirements with competitive and practical solutions.

1. Corporate Training Solutions

Corporate training solutions include Executive coaching that drives results by growing your business by growing your people. The Organizational Development also includes Leadership Excellence, Capability Building, Motivational & Transformational Modules.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is assisting top executives, managers, and other identified leaders to perform, learn, stay healthy and balanced, and effectively guide their teams to successfully reach desired goals and exceed individual and corporate expectations
Learn more about our Corporate Training Solutions:

Organizational Development Focus Areas

• Organization Transformation - VMG Alignment
• Culture building
• Strengthening leadership quotient
• Enhancing team effectiveness
• Optimizing people productivity
• Triggering breakthrough performance

Leadership Excellence Focus Areas

• Raising the Leadership Bar – A 360-degree feedback based program for corporate fore-runners
• Emotional Intelligence Leadership Master class
• Developing Leadership by building emotional prosperity
• Strategic Leadership
• Negotiations at the Leadership Level
• Synergy through Mission, Vision, and Values
• Organizational Transformation and Culture building workshop(s)
• Generative Collaboration for CXOs
• Advanced Courageous Conversations for Organizational Leaders
• Executive Coaching

Capability Building Focus Areas

• Managerial Effectiveness - Stepping Up to Management
• High 5 - Team Cohesiveness & Effectiveness
• High Performing Teams and Productivity
• Business Communication
• The Perfect Pitch - Impactful Business Presentations
• Wire your Cells to Sell - Sales & Negotiations
• Change Management
• Carve A Niche - Leadership Enhancement
• High Yield - Goal Setting
• Performance Management
• People Management

Motivational & Transformational Focus Areas

• Behavioural Analysis
• Self Image & Personality Enhancement
• De-stressing via Emotional Intelligence and Neurolinguistic programming
• The Entrepreneurs Guide - Shedding Limiting beliefs and Moving ahead

Approach & Methodology

• Classroom-based training
• One on One Coaching
• Virtual training
• Use of Tools
• Psychometrics
• Stakeholder interviews
• Specific training and Coaching tool

2. Facility Management Services

Facility management has become so important that corporate and company owners have acknowledged that raising management services entitles businesses to operate more successfully. The response depends on the particular needs, budget, size, and growth trajectory of the company. Facility management includes the following services;

Property Management Services

• Integrated End to End Property Management Services

Soft Services

• Housekeeping Services
• Horticulture & Landscaping
• Waste Management Security Services
• Guarding and Patrolling
• Electronic Surveillance
• Hard Services

Specialized Services

• Events & Selective unique contracts
• Facade Cleaning
• Carpet & Upholstery
• CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
• Staffing
• Office Administrative Assistant
• Reception
• Mail

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Maintenance

• BMS (Building Automation Controls) Operation & Maintenance
• HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Condition) Operation & Maintenance
• Plumbing & Water Management

3. Virtual Corporate Events

Our team brings the best tech solutions to deliver events consistently end to end, providing both a powerful and significant experience. we will work with you to ensure your event delivers on all your event objectives to ensure event success throughout. If you are looking for a virtual event company, look no further.
Our virtual corporate event services includes,

Approach & Methodology

• Classroom-based training
• One on One Coaching
• Virtual training
• Use of Tools
• Psychometrics
• Stakeholder interviews
• Specific training and Coaching tool

End to End HR Services & Support

• Payroll & Compliances
• Labour Compliances
• Workforce Administration Solution
• Archiving HRMS

4. Logistics

MERIKO advances through improving the flow and management of your product. Our supply chain teams work with you to understand the business challenges you face and develop practical and effective options to overcome these and drive your business forward.
Our following supply chain solutions tailored to your business

• Supply Chain Management
• Lead Logistics Provider
• Solutions Engineering
• Project Cargo
• Temperature Controlled Services
• Reverse Logistics